Complete Malpractice Coverage

    Simply Better

    Lower Premiums

    We’ll review your malpractice insurance needs and find the policy that is right for your entire practice.

    Ease of Switching

    Insuring all medical professionals from doctors to nurses, surgeons and dentists in the event of a lawsuit with our sign & date application process.

    Tail Coverage

    Malpractice insurance management when you stop practicing.

    Advocate for You

    Medical malpractice insurance is the most crucial protection that you purchase. It’s your good name and career at risk.

    We’re on your side. Thoroughly protect yourself and your practice from harmful malpractice lawsuits.

    Don’t put your life in the hands of just anyone. A claim against your practice could cost more than just your firm. It could cost your entire life. When it comes to your family, your practice and your property, don’t risk losing everything. We have the power to protect you from these unaffordable threats. Backus Payne can help you choose the medical malpractice options that best suit your needs.

    Backus Payne offers two types of malpractice insurance


    Covers you for services rendered the moment an accident occurs, regardless of when the actual claim is made. Occurrence insurance provides separate policy limits for every individual policy year.

    With occurrence coverage, you receive a separate set of limits every year. These policy limits remain in place after the end of the policy period to pay claims arising from incidents occurring during the policy.

    Occurrence policies do not require the expensive tail coverage that claims-made does.


    Coverage starts when the claim is made, as long as it’s made during the policy term retroactive date. There are several no-or-low-cost ways to manage protection when you stop buying claims-made insurance.

    With this coverage, only the then ­current policy limits are available to pay claims made during the policy period, and only if the treatment occurred after the policy’s retroactive date.

    Claims-­made policies do not cover claims made after the termination of the policy, for this you may need additional tail coverage. It’s important to stay in touch with us–your Agent.

    Keep in Mind

    First sentence: If you have cancelled a claims-made policy you have zero insurance unless you have tail coverage or your new carrier provides “prior acts” protection back to your retroactive date.

    Tail coverage can be extremely expensive, depending on the state. Payment is usually due in full and must be paid within 30-­60 days of policy cancellation. It’s important to stay in touch with your provider. Some companies will offer free tail coverage in the event of death, disability or retirement.



    Simply better insurance options for the everyday medical professional.

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