Bed-Side Manner Counts

Surgeons rude to patients may pose problem in OR, study says Surgeons who are rude to patients and others may pose a problem in the operating room, according to a study linking unprofessional doctor behavior with infections and other surgery complications. The researchers say their results show why it’s important to speak up when doctors […]

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Legal Defense for Excluded Claims

Feb. 15, 2017–The insurance company for a Charleston doctor being investigated for allegedly sexually assaulting female patients during colonoscopy procedures filed a lawsuit Tuesday asking a judge to rule that its policy doesn’t cover the doctor when it comes to the sexual assault claims.

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Call Your Agent When Considering a New Partner

  Make Sure Your Professional Liability Insurance Doesn’t End Before It Starts Professional partnerships regularly absorb new partners, along with their existing clients. In so doing, the partners also take on potential future liabilities arising from undisclosed past wrong-doings by the new partner.

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1.8% of Physicians = $40 Billion in Malpractice Payouts

Study: Less than 2 percent of physicians account for half of malpractice suits A recent analysis found 1.8 percent of physicians were liable for half of the $80 billion reported in malpractice payouts documented in the National Practitioner Data Bank. For the analysis, published in the Journal of Patient Safety, researchers examined 25 years of malpractice […]

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Simultaneous Surgeries

Senate committee calls for ban on surgeons doing simultaneous operations A powerful Senate committee wants all hospitals to explicitly ban surgeons from overseeing two simultaneous operations, weighing in on a controversy that has roiled Massachusetts General Hospital and spurred a national debate on patient safety.

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J&J hit big for hip implants

Johnson & Johnson to pay $1 billion for faulty hip implants In one of the largest rulings of the year, Johnson and Johnson was ordered to pay more than $1 billion to patients whose artificial hips had to be removed because of dangers the company did not disclose.

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Put Medical Error Deaths into Context

MEDICAL-LIABILITY UPDATE: “Death by Medical Error: Adding Context…people dying in US hospitals…of preventable medical errors…risen to more than 250,000…many of those…very sick…can’t be compared with the general public…(T)his means that medical errors account for 10% of ALL deaths, or…more than a third of ALL hospitalized patients. That’s hard to fathom…very hard to prove what events […]

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Is Talc the New Asbestos?

MEDICAL-LIABILITY UPDATE: “…Advisen Front Page News : Friday, November 18, 2016…on October 27 a Missouri jury awarded a woman who developed ovarian cancer more than $70 million in compensatory and punitive damage related to her prolonged use of talcum powder made and sold by Johnson & Johnson, and Imerys Talc America Inc., which mines the […]

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Early Claim Resolution

MEDICAL-LIABILITY INSURANCE UPDATE: “…early resolution of claims leads to cost savings with respect to legal expenses…also leads to a reduction in indemnity expenditures…cost reduction of as much as 50%.” AIG June 2015

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Standardized Treatment versus Standardized Patients

MEDICAL-LIABILITY UPDATE: Medicine continues its move toward predetermined Resource-Based Relative Value System delivery; forcing patients into coded treatment protocols designed by far-away experts. “It is easy to standardize treatment protocols. But it is difficult to standardize patients…Treatment protocols are based on statically generalized, rather than individualized, outcomes…Young doctors and medical students are being trained to […]

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