The Top Medical Malpractice Insurance Issues and Concerns

Ever wonder what kinds of mistakes are behind most medical malpractice lawsuits? A good insurance policy and provider could have changed that. Check out these common errors made by physicians and medical facilities when it comes to finding proper coverage for their insurance coverage. Stay in the clear by avoiding a few of these mistakes:

1. Not maintaining your retro date when changing insurers.
Most medical malpractice insurance is claims-made, which means the coverage has to be made on, or after the retroactive date and while the policy is current.

2. Performing procedures that you aren’t covered for.
To avoid the denial of coverage, read every line in your insurance agreement. Do not deviate unless you contact your insurer prior to doing the new procedure. Never assume anything. It’s OK to ask questions!

3. Sharing an office with another doctor.
Having separate names on the door does not protect you from the public assuming that you have related entities.

4. Do not be on a constant search for the cheapest deal.
Some insurance brokers will cut your coverage to provide you with the cheapest deal. Sometimes, you won’t even know this until you have an uncovered claim—or worse.

5. Beware of surgical brokers.
Patients assume a surgical broker’s site is a real doctor’s site and will correspond with the surgical broker. This leaves you exposed since a patient can assume that you are a related businesses, and thus part responsible for anything the surgical broker says or does.

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