Patients Aren’t Payers

MEDICAL-LIABILITY UPDATE: “…The root of the problem is that patients aren’t payers…the consumer pays only 12% of the total healthcare bill…no incentive…for either the provider or the consumer to be cost-effective.” J Singer MD / Cato

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Protocol Medicine

MEDICAL-LIABILITY UPDATE: “…Young doctors and medical students are being trained to follow protocol. To them, command and control is normal…regimentation and regularization of medicine is a prelude to the replacement of physicians by nurse practitioners and physician-assistants…even more likely to follow the directives proclaimed by regulatory bureaus.”–J Singer MD / CATO

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The Top Medical Malpractice Insurance Issues and Concerns

Ever wonder what kinds of mistakes are behind most medical malpractice lawsuits? A good insurance policy and provider could have changed that. Check out these common errors made by physicians and medical facilities when it comes to finding proper coverage for their insurance coverage. Stay in the clear by avoiding a few of these mistakes: […]

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